digitalfire: A green or blue-green reduction fired glaze that has been stained using iron oxide. Celadons were first developed by the ancient Chinese.   wikipedia: Celadon glaze refers to a family of semi-transparent glazes … in a wide variety of colors, generally used on porcelain or stoneware clay bodies.   Britannica: Yue ware, first made in the Han dynasty (206 bce–220 ce) in China, was the earliest celadon; the glaze used was olive or brownish green. Beginning in the late Han period.   Salks: Unlike true celedons, mine are fired in an electric, rather than wood-fired, kiln.  Although the few pieces I made were experimental, I was pleased with their results, and generally find that this “celedon” category is a suitable match for the general translucent, earthy-toned qualities represented.